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 First AidDevelopment stage: 100% 

IntroductionDevelopment stage: 100%Issues in Providing CareDevelopment stage: 100%Primary Assessment & Basic Life SupportDevelopment stage: 100%Secondary AssessmentDevelopment stage: 100%Circulatory EmergenciesDevelopment stage: 100%

Respiratory EmergenciesDevelopment stage: 100%Soft Tissue InjuriesDevelopment stage: 75%Bone & Joint InjuriesDevelopment stage: 100%Environmental Illness & InjuryDevelopment stage: 100%

Medical Conditions & PoisoningDevelopment stage: 75%Advanced TopicsDevelopment stage: 75%AppendicesDevelopment stage: 75%Meta contentDevelopment stage: 75%

Internationally-recognized standards

Gnome-globe.svg Regional Note
Where there is a different thing to do depending on the place that you're in, it is noted in this box..

This book is international - we have tried to use international standards as much as possible. Where required, we've added regional notes to highlight regional differences.

Boxes highlight important information

Nuvola apps important.svg Caution
This type of box has instructions where you will need to be more careful
Stop hand nuvola.svg Don't do this!
This shows the reader a usual mistake or something that could hurt someone else.
Nuvola filesystems services.png Best Practice
These boxes show the reader the "best way" of doing something.

IntroductionDevelopment stage: 100% 

AuthorsDevelopment stage: 75%How To Read This BookDevelopment stage: 100%What is First Aid?Development stage: 100%First Aid TrainingDevelopment stage: 100%