First Aid

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This book covers in depth all topics required for a standard first aid course, and also includes a section on advanced topics. The basics covered include: This book is about all topics needed for a usual first aid class, and also has a section on advanced topics. The main topics included are:

  • First assessment and CPR
  • Legal points of first aid, which includes problems and permission
  • Blood system emergencies, like bleeding, heart attack, and stroke (where blood stops coming to the brain)
  • Breathing emergencies, like asthma and shock
  • Injuries inside the body, like broken bones, chest injuries, and bleeding inside the body.
  • Burns, seizures, and other medical problems

Please recognise that this book might have pictures of injuries and other body problems. The editors of Wikibooks do not promise that information in this book is true, but they try to keep the information right.