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Qin Shi Huang

Qin Shi Huang (Chinese: 秦始皇; pinyin: Qín Shǐ Huáng) was the son of King Zhuangxiang, the ruler of the State of Qin. He was born in Handan, the capital of the state of Zhao. His name was Ying Zheng. When Qin Shi Huang was 13 years old, King Zhuangxiang died and he became the ruler. Lu Buwei, who used to be a merchant, became the new prime minister of Qin.

Major Events (247 BC - 221 BC)

  • In 247 BC, there was growing unrest in Jin Yang and it was subdued by Meng Ao, the general of Qin.
  • In 246 BC, Pao Gong, the general of Qin, attacked Juan and killed 30,000 enemies.
  • In 245 BC, Meng Ao attacked the state of Han and occupied 13 cities. It was a year of famine.
  • In 244 BC, there was a famine of food in Qin.
  • In 243 BC, Meng Ao occupied 20 cities of the other states.
  • In 242 BC, the states of Han, Wei, Zhao and Chu attacked Qin altogther.
  • In 241 BC, Meng Ao was dead.
  • In 240 BC, Chen Jiao, Qin Shi Huang's brother, rebelled and it was subdued finally.