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World History/Ancient Rome

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The Ancient Romans

The Ancient Romans were citizens of Rome, a city in Southern Europe that is now the capital of Italy, and its empire. Usually, they are just called "The Romans". The time of the Romans was from 700 BC to 330 AD.

The City of Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire. The Romans were very good at fighting other people, and won their land. At around 200 A.D., the Roman Empire covered all of Northern Africa, Asia Minor and Southern Europe. Eventually, the Roman Empire became hard to control, and was split into two parts: the Eastern half and the Western half. The Huns, a group of Asian invaders, and other groups, destroyed the Western part of the Empire. The eastern half survived as the Byzantine Empire, which lasted into the Middle Ages.

Romans and the Etruscans

Roman history and Etruscan history is closely connected. It is impossible to know the Romans without knowing the Etruscans. They are related because of their alphabets and many of the same types of cloth. When an Etruscan married a Roman, it was called a Roman-Etruscan marriage. Some think that the Etruscans were related to the ancient Greeks.

Etruscan customs included bow-hunting and gazing (looking) at the stars. Their literature is almost all lost, but scientists are working on rediscovering it with new infrared technology.

Although the Romans eventually removed the Etruscans, their story will always survive in the memories of all who study history and Etruscan culture.

Patricians and Plebeians

There were two classes of Romans: the patricians and the plebeians. The patricians were Rome's elites. This means they were rich and powerful. The plebeians were working class people. Rome was dependent on them. In early Roman government, patricians were the only people allowed to take part. Later on in history, the plebeians were allowed to take part in some of the branches of government.

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