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Ancient India Civilization

At present there is a big difference between the age old folk stories and mythological epics in Hindu culture and the accepted history of India. The Ancient Indian history as written by the western archeologists and historians for last 150-200 years is based on one fundamental assumption that there was a invasion of Aryans from Caspian sea area, who moved in waves into India, driving original settlers into the south of the peninsula. Today it has been proven by modern historians that there did not exist any such tribe as Aryan. The word Aryan whose connotation as propounded by Hitler and as defined by Sanskrit meaning of Arya is very different. Arya according to Sanskrit language meant cultured being.

Much of the history of India was lost with burning down of great universities of Nalanda and Taxashila, present day place in ‘State of Bihar,India’ and Peshawar.

There is a need for a better exposition of Ancient Indian History to be better documented Modern man inherit number systems, trigonometry, philosophy, linguistics and many sciences directly from Indian scientists.