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Welcome to the community portal of the Simple English Wikibooks. It is a collection of textbooks written in Simple English by volunteers, it is also a wiki-community. If you don't have an account already, you can create an account.

Contents: Welcome! - Things you can do - Help

Welcome to the Community Portal!

Wikibooks wants you! Together, we build a library of textbooks – free textbooks. Play around in the sandbox, a place where you can do anything to understand how a wiki works.

To request a new book, see Requested Wikibooks.

To ask questions or start a discussion, visit Simple talk.

You might also want to read about administrators.

For help, see help.

Things you can do

Wikibooks needs your help!

There are not many books here yet. Many books are not growing.

Think about making yourself a helper to your favorite Wikibook or start your own Wikibook.

You can look at this page to see what books need help.

Other things you can do