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Template:User language/intro

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You are translating {{user language}}.

The required format is in the edit box below. For right-to-left languages (such as Arabic), enclose the value of the text parameter within the {{rtl}} template.


  • You can change the order in the "text" field to match this language's grammar, as long as the {{#switch:}} returns a value for each number.
  • If you're not familiar with the programming syntax, only translate the following underlined text in the edit box below:

     |name = language_name_in_English
     |text = This user {{#switch:{{{2}}}
       |0=cannot read and write
       |1=can contribute in basic
       |2=can contribute in intermediate
       |3=can contribute in advanced
       |4=can contribute near-natively in
       |N=can contribute natively in}} [[:category:user {{subst:SUBPAGENAME}}|native language name]].