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Purpose of this Page

I originally tried this as a project on simwp, but I think this is a better venue for it. as The purpose of this page is to provide a site where 2nd and 3rd graders, who may still not have a reading level to use the Standard Wikipedia, a site where they can get the very basic information about 30-50 basic Americans (either for general knowledge or for writing the reports on famous Americans that have been typical of those grades) and then jump off to either the article in the Simple English Wikipedia, the Standard Wikipedia, or to a book about that person.

Nomination or Deletion of a Person on this List

If you think that a person should be added or removed from this list, bring it up here before you do it. The list should remain between 30-50 Americans, so some may need to be deleted at some point. For reference, here are my five “bubbling unders”, or the next five I would add if this list was bigger.

  • John Adams
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Thomas Paine
  • John Muir
  • Andrew Carnegie

Purplebackpack89 00:25, 31 August 2009 (UTC)


I honestly think that this would make a good WikiJunior book. If anybody wants to try and get it up there, go ahead Purplebackpack89 02:12, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

Complex tag?

I tried to make it simple...what made it too complex, so I can fix it? Also, how can I get Clay and Webster's pix next to each other horizantally? Purplebackpack89 00:23, 1 September 2009 (UTC)