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I've been working on the OLPC - Algebra I in Simple English book for a while and have found it difficult to get a good start. When preparing a text for non-native english speakers it is important that every new term be explained thoroughly. In explaining terms like adding and exponentiating, I discovered I was essentially writing a Pre-Algebra text. Even though the Algebra I text assumes knowledge of basic arithmetic, it is not a fair assumption that the reader knows how basic arithmetic is expressed in English. With a complete Pre-Algebra text it will be much easier to make headway with the Algebra I text.

I came up with a basic outline for the first two sections, which I feel covers most of the basic stuff. For the third section I would like to do something less structured, like exploring the Fibonacci Series and how it appears in nature, some basic geometry and proportions, etc. It could be a supplement to the other two sections with interesting activities illustrating how certain skills can be applied.

I look forward to anyone's input. --Ezra Katz 19:55, 25 February 2007 (UTC)Reply