Numbers/New Words

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  • base - an amount used for counting and making groups for writing numbers


  • decimal - a small circle that separates the whole part and fraction part in a decimal number
  • decimal number - a way to show a mixed fraction with the whole part to the left of a decimal and the fraction part to the right of the decimal
  • decimal place - Similar to place amounts, every decimal place shows one tenth of the amount to the place to the left.
  • denominator - The bottom number in a fraction, it shows if the pieces of a whole number are big or small.


  • fraction - a number that shows only part of a whole amount


  • mixed fraction - a fraction and a whole number together


  • negative number - A number that is less than zero, it shows a lack of something.
  • number line - A way of showing positive and negative numbers, it shows all the numbers as marks on a line.
  • numeral - Signs such as 1, 6, or 4, they are used to show numbers.
  • numerator - The top number in a fraction, it shows the number of pieces of a whole number.


  • place amount - the amount a numeral shows because of its position in a number
  • positive number - a number that is greater than zero


  • whole number - A normal number like a person uses for counting, it can show an amount of single things. Negative numbers can be whole numbers too.