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Who should read this book?

This book's purpose is to teach the basic words people use in English to talk about numbers. The purpose is to help people learn basic Math (knowledge of number questions) ideas, so they can answer questions everyday and learn more math like Geometry (Math of shapes), Algebra (Math of relations), and Calculus (Math of changes).

This book is for people who know very little Math and people who need to learn how to read about Math in English.

What is in this book?

This book has many pages (parts of the book about one idea). Most pages have five parts:

  • New Words - This part shows new words.
  • Lesson - This part shows new ideas.
  • Example Questions - This part shows how to answer a question with the new ideas.
  • More Questions - This part shows more questions to answer.
  • Links - This part shows other places on the internet to learn.

This book is very new, so there are many pages that are not complete.

Who made this book?

This book is made on a wiki, so any person can change any page or make new pages. This part of the book is for any person who helped make the book to tell people about themselves.

  • Ezra Katz studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Miami in Florida, USA. He is a teacher in South Florida. He likes to sing and play the banjo (an instrument). He started this book and hopes other people will help make it good.