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Hello, and welcome to the Japanese Simple English Textbook! We welcome all those to enjoy this textbook and please, do include your knowledge on the language of Japanese if you know any.

About Japanese

Japanese, though complex to the average American mind, is reletively simple if one were to first backtrack to his first days at elementary school. Where the teacher would teach you the alphabet and how to speak good and proper sentences.

Now if you were able to imagine that you are capable of learning the Japanese language very easily. Good learning tips are to speak out loud, read books in the language (the younger the audience intended the better for beginners), or just simply thinking of the noun or action as you read the word (the more senses imagined the better).

Japanese is fairly easy considering is grammar use and its easy speaking. The three different forms of the written Japanese are Kanji (the most complex), Hirigana (cursive form alphabet), and Katakana (alphabet).

If any editors are reading this Introduction may they be informed to please write in Katakana format as to the simplicity of the reading if possible, thank you.