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Critical Thinking/Table of contents/Context/Motivation

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Introduction to Motivation:

  • Motivation is all about exerting an accumulated knowledge/information for the betterment or improvement of an individual. Motivation generally involves encouragement, inspiring, supporting, enlightening and other set of actions that may come under the meaning of building on a person's hope; encouraging or supporting one's self-belief; stimulating an individual with the information that they are capable of achieving something and others.
  • Motivation is also the act of helping someone who needs some extra push required to achieve a goal or overcome a hurdle. The push may be include, among others, something like appreciating the persons work or success on a pervious or current endeavor; showing the ways to improve upon one's career or task undergone, etc.
  • The motivator, the person who motivates, should bring about a some positive impact on the person whom they motivate, in their life or during a course of action or pursuit of goal.
  • The action of feeding with the required dose of inspiration to overcome any setback set forth by any hurdle can be called as 'motivating'.

Who needs Motivation?

  • Persons who are depressed, who failed in pursuit of their goal, who does not believe in themselves, etc.