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There are many different tactics you can use to try and win in Chess.

One of the best methods to learn tactics is to play it with a computer.

A lot of computer programs are online and for a starting player everything good. If you are a stronger player you can ask the local chess club if they have an opening at a board.

Talking about openings. There are chess openings you can study. All possible moves in the first 4 turns are described and documented.

A help to write down the moves are the numbers and letters around the board.

a b c d e f g h

If we place a piece on the board. It could be a dark king on d5.

The board's co-ordinates

The start places of a normal chess game is.

This the start of every chess game. White starts and normally will place an attack. The player wants to control more places on the board.

The only pieces that can move are the white pawns. that are standing on the 2 line. That is the row that starts at a2 and ends at h2. And the pieces on b1 and g1 that are called knights. They can jump. If you want to control the middle of the board. The possible moves are d2-d4, e2-e4, b1-c3 or g1-f3. That are the most common opening moves. The answer on those four opening moves are in the opening book of almost every chess players. A good tactic is to have your answer ready. That is one of the first homework you will get from a good chess teacher.