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Card Games/Word List

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This is a list of some of the words used in this book that you may not know the meaning of.

Word Meaning
Ace A card that can count as one, ten or fourteen in some games
Deal Giving out cards at the start of the game
Deck The pile of cards that do not belong to any player
Deuce Another word for "two"
Face The side of the card that has its value. Eg 'to show a card 'face up'

Alternative meaning; A card which has a person on it Eg. Jack, Queen or King.

Hand The cards that belong to a player
Jack A card that counts as ten or eleven
Joker A special card that is used in some games
King A card that counts as ten or thirteen
Pack A set of cards
Queen A card that counts as ten or twelve
Wild A card that can be used as any number