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Clock, sometimes called clock solitaire, is a very fun card game played by one person. The goal is to put all the cards into their right time space before finding all the Kings. It is a game of luck.


The goal of the game is to move all the cards in the 13 piles into different places around the clock with each card in the right spot. All four ace cards should be in the one o'clock spot, all four "2" cards should be in the 2 o'clock spot and so on. Look at the picture to see where all the cards should be. The "jack" cards go in the eleven o'clock space and the "queen" card goes into the twelve o'clock space. The Kings go in the center.


  1. Find a pack of cards. There should not be any jokers in the pack. Mix up all the cards.
  2. Split up all the cards into 13 piles. Each pile should have the same number of cards.
  3. Take 12 of the card piles and make them into a circle shape. Put the 13th pile in the middle of all the cards.
    You'll want the card piles to be in this shape.
    Make sure that all the cards are facing down towards the table that you're playing on.

Note: The 13th pile, the one in the middle of the circle is also called "the hand".

How to play

  1. Take the top card from the hand and look at it.
  2. Put the card that you just picked up and put it on it's right place on the piles. If it's a "six" card, put it on the six o'clock pile at the bottom of the circle. If you picked a "three" card, put it on the three o'clock pile on the right, and so on.
  3. Pick up another card from the pile you put the first card on. Look at it, then put it on it's pile. Again, if it's a "9" card, put it on the nine o'clock spot and so on. Do this over and over. The game is over when all the cards are in the right spots, or when all the kings are in the middle. If the game ends because all the Kings are in the middle, you lose, but if the game ends because the cards are all on their right spots then you win.

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