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Biology is the study of Life. It helps us understand such things as how our body works, how our body keeps warm, what we are made of and many other things. Biology is very important to know. Some subjects in Biology are Genetics, Zoology, Botany, and Ecology.

What is life?

Living things are not like things that are not alive.

Living things are like each other. They share some things.

Living things can change and grow.
Living things need nutrition.
Living things can move.
Living things can reproduce.
Living things can respond to stimulation (touch).
Living things can excrete.
Living things can breathe.

Examples of living things are animal and plants.

Cars and tables are not living things because they cannot satisfy the above 7 statements of living things.

Levels of Life

Living things can be many sizes. A living creature is called an organism. From small to large, these are how living things are grouped.

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