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Algebra is a way of working with numbers and signs to answer a mathematics problem (a question using numbers). Using algebra, you can answer questions such as:

If I have 10 coins and need 25 coins to get a book, how many more coins do I need to get the book?

If you have 6 bottles of milk and you drink 2 bottles in a day, how many days will you have milk?

If you start running a race at a speed of 2 kilometers an hour, and your friend starts running 10 minutes later at a speed of 3 kilometers an hour, when will your friend catch up to you?

These sorts of questions come up when building houses, making food, and in science.

This book will help you learn how to do mathematics using Algebra. It has chapters (parts of the book) with lessons (parts of the chapter about one idea).

A lesson has five parts:

  1. Vocabulary - gives special words you need for the lesson.
  2. Lesson - gives a new idea and how to use this idea.
  3. Example Problems - gives the steps to do problems using the new idea.
  4. Practice Games - gives places for amusement where you do problems.
  5. Practice Problems - You do problems.