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Welcome to the One Laptop Per Child - Algebra 1 in Simple English project!

Make sure you are writing in simple English:

Each lesson has 5 sections:

  • Vocabulary - simple explanations of new terms.
  • Lesson - What does this new skill let us do?
  • Example Problems - three example problems worked out in detail. On the student user interface, these will be animated and narrated with textbox captions.
  • Practice Games - links to outside games on the internet that reinforce skills needed for this new skill
  • Practice Problems - in three sections (easy, medium, hard). Please list the question, then give the answer in parentheses. Example 2x=6: (x=3)

Feel free to add to any or all the sections of any lesson

  1. Remember: All textbooks have many, many problems in common. Don't worry if the problem you add is in a copyrighted textbook. No one owns 2x = 16, for example. Be sure that you do not copy lists of problems. Make sure all word problems you give are completely original as far as subject matter is concerned. Please be sure the subject of your word problem is a BE850 word.
  2. Please concentrate on the first 3 chapters. We will release the content on the student-user interface in several phases, so as soon as the first 3 chapters are completed, our students will be able to get started on their algebra journey.
  3. The student-user interface will allow students to create an account so they can keep track of their progress. Chapter tests will be randomly generated so students can re-take the test until mastery. Therefore we will need LOTS of test questions.
  4. Chapter and Lesson names and orders are still being worked out. Please put suggestions and comments in the discussion section.
  5. We assume that these students are ready for algebra. We do include a review of basic mathematics ideas in order to direct the students towards integrating their prior math knowledge, especially math vocabulary. This is a standard practice in algebra textbooks.

Check out the mock-up of the student-user interface at

Also, please log in when you contribute so we can contact each other. Thanks!

HSTutorials 17:19, 16 July 2006 (UTC)