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This page is a hard rule on the Simple English Wikibooks. Many people agree with it. They see it as a standard that all users should follow. When changing the page, please check that the other people agree with your changes. Use the talk page when you are not sure or when you want to propose a change.

Wikibooks does not allow usernames some user names.

  1. Confusing usernames that make it hard to identify users by their username, such as:
    • Usernames that are close to another Wikibookians user name.
    • Usernames that refer to a Wikibook process.
    • Usernames that are random like "aaaaaaaaaaaa" or "ghfjkghdfjgkdhfjkg".
    • Usernames that are lengthy, like "Super Ultra Mege Bob of Waverly Drive from Mars146366".
  2. Misleading usernames such as:
    • Usernames that make other users think they are admins or have special rights.
    • Usernames that are close to a well-known living or recently deceased person.
  3. Disruptive usernames that disrupt or misuse Wikibooks, such as:
    • Usernames that are close to those used by known vandals.
    • Usernames that are attacks on specific users.
    • Usernames that contain private information about people.
    • Usernames that include profanity, or obscenities, or refer to genitalia or sexual slang.
  4. Promotional usernames that try to promote a group or company on Wikipedia, such as:
    • Usernames that match the name of a company or group, especially if the user promotes it.
    • E-mail addresses or web page addresses that promote something.
  5. Offensive usernames that may make harmonious editing difficult or impossible, including but not limited to:
    • Usernames that promote a controversial or potentially inflammatory point of view.
    • Usernames that insult other people or groups.
    • Usernames that uses the name of a religious figure or religion in a bad way.
    • Usernames that refer to real-world violent actions.
    • Usernames that refer to racism, sexism, hate speech, et cetera.
    • Usernames that refer to a medical condition or disability.
    • Usernames that include slurs or refers to reproductive or excretory bodily functions.